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28 June 2011 @ 11:24 am

Summer had come to Fortunes Bend.  Gone were the quiet days of the early spring when the town was home to little more than a few stuffy archeologists and their laborers.  Since that time the whole area has been bustling with people of all sorts.  Temples have opened where once there was nothing but warehouses and storage sheds.  Warriors and fighters practice in the fields, and do battle with monsters from the mountains and elsewhere.  Mages and scholars and craftsmen fill the guildhall at all hours either working on projects or doing research.

 While archeology and digging continues throughout the area, there are now many other projects and tasks going on about town.  The various priests of the Genesori work diligently to improve their various temple.  Mother Nairi continues her efforts at consecrating the sacred tree of Koreel.  Father Edward has been keeping strange hours, gone for days at a time, only to return to his temple and work long hours into the night. Some say he is still concerned about the desecration it suffered, others that he must be plotting a means to prevent this from happening again. 

 The church as a whole continues their efforts at eradicating the recently uncovered menace of the Altiesh cult.  No word has been heard from the cult since the death of the one known as Heinrich.  Some believed the Altiesh have moved on the greener pastures, while others believe they lurk in hiding, waiting and planning.

 With the absence of the Altiesh the town itself has been much safer of late.  Dangers still existed and monsters still appeared from time to time.  They either wandered down from the nearby Batterclast Mountain or are uncovered in the diggings.  So far the Empire has not garrisoned the town with any significant amount of forces, but the residents have managed to keep things safe.

 Work also continues on research towards construction of a stable gate in town.  Archmage Thorne often speaks of the experiments and tests he planned to conduct in order to complete this task.  Various scholars and researchers have also spent time studying the strange building at the edge of town with the glowing symbols,  but so far nothing new has been discovered about it.

 Another indication of the newfound importance of the town is that it has been chosen as the site for the trial of Iyar Sende.  The trial of this Inlyrican priest is bound to bring to Fortunes Bend a small amount of the tension between Shi’ara and Ilyrico that is playing out elsewhere in the Empire. 

 Within the last week a new phenomenom begun occurring in town.  Red feathers have begun appearing in strange places and circumstances.  No one knows precisely where they come from or what purpose they serve, but there are no shortage of theories.

 New faces continue to arrive, each with their own story and reasons for coming to Fortunes Bend.  Plenty of challenges await these people and new ones arise every day.  What new developments the long days of summer bring remains to be seen. 


Hello everyone,

While sending out a reminder that the PEL deadline is looming (Monday, 04/25/11) we thought we would also take the opportunity to clarify a few more things. Notably Info Skills, our Player Representative, and Corpses.

PEL Deadline: Please remember that the PEL is the lifeblood of communication between plot staff and PCs. You may talk to us a million times, but if its not on your PEL, it is way less likely to be taken into account. Please, if it is important, if it is interesting, put it on your PEL

Player Representative: Did you know you have one? Charlie (Nightingale) is the player representative and is available to handle PC problems. You may present your problem to any staff member of course, and we will all do what we can to help, but he is your official representative, and he is the official person to talk to if your problem is with someone on staff.

Info Skills: There has been conflicting information sent out about the info skill deadline. The final word is that the Info Skill deadline is 4 weeks before the next event (not four weeks after an event) so the deadline for info skills for the July event is Monday, June 3rd.

We also thought that a brief summary of each info skill might go a long way toward helping you get the most out of your skill. Also, despite what the rulebook may say, all Info skills that have a money cost should cost 1 silver, not 2.


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Corpses and Bones and Funerals, Oh My!

This is a clarification about the IG world. In the world of Numina, people do not leave corpses behind when they die. Primarily this is because we can not physically represent a corpse for our monsters or NPCs, and we're certainly not going to ask our PCs to lie around representing their own corpse should the need arise. So, the question is, what DOES happen with corpses, bones, bodies, funerals, and all that morbid stuff? Here's our answer:


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19 March 2011 @ 01:06 am
Greetings, all!

Three weeks to go until our April event, and we  have been given the menu by the camp. If you intend to purchase meals, we need to know that by Thursday, March 31st. Breakfasts are $8 each and dinner is $11. You can purchase none, all, or some but not all. Payment can be made by Paypal or at the door, as long as we know to include you in the meal plan ahead of time.


Sat Breakfast-Scrambled Eggs, VA Ham, Hash Browns, Bananas



Saturday Dinner - BBQ Chicken, Mac N Cheese, Corn, Cupcakes for dessert

Sunday Breakfast-Pancakes, Bacon, Donuts, Fruit Tray

Also, next Friday, March 25 is the last day to pay for pre-registration if you want to take advantage of the $10 discount.

And finally, staff has some prop requests for this upcoming April event! These are items we would like our players to make and donate to us, and we will reimburse you for the cost of materials (each project has a budget range which will be provided to whoever volunteers to make it). We would need these things for the April Event, so there are only three weeks to make them. If you would like to volunteer, send a message to numinagm@gmail by Wednesday, March 23rd.


Prop Requests:

1 Tabard with a specific design on the front, to be described to the volunteer
4 matching tabards with a specific design, description sent to volunteer
6 "leafy" tabards
15 simple grey, tattered tabards, no hemming needed
1 banner with a specific design,to be described to volunteer
2 sets of wooden tiles with period, legible alphabet letters on them. These tiles should be about 1 inch and must be able to float.
4 elaborate tiles with specific symbols on them

Thanks, and see y'all in April!
24 February 2011 @ 04:05 pm
Greetings, everyone!

The next Numina event is six weeks away (April 8-10), which means your staff is already plotting. If you intend to come to the April event, please consider pre-registering early. We like to run personalized and team plot, and so we will be capping our events at 60 players for the foreseeable future. The cap will be enforced on a first-come, first serve basis, starting with those who have pre-registered.

Remember, you do not have to pay to pre-register. However, if you pre-register and then don't show up (and don't inform us that you won't be there) you might be banned from the no-pay pre-reg. Also, remember that if you want to take advantage of the $10 discount for pre-registration, the pre-reg and the payment must be received at least two weeks prior to the event. Send your pre-reg to numinareg@gmail.com.

If you would like to be a part of Numina, but the cash just isn't working for you, why not consider NPCing? Our ability to run a quality game depends in part on having enough NPCs to entertain our playerbase. NPCing is free, though you are responsible for bringing/buying your own food. We have a mixture of RP and combat roles and will do our best to accomodate the type of role you like. If you would like to NPC, we'd love to have you! Send an e-mail to numinareg@gmail.com with your intention to NPC. (For a multitude of reasons, no one may PC and NPC during the same event.)

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PELs and Info Skill Deadlines: Please get your PEL to us within 2 week after the event. We also ask that you get your Info Skill questions and Courier letters to us within 4 weeks after the event. We know that no one likes deadlines, but it is helpful for us to have time to develop the best answer to what you send us.

Info Skills and Communicating with NPCs: There has been some confusion about this on PELs, so we wanted to clarify how to communicate with NPCs. Keep on truckin'...Collapse )
31 January 2011 @ 01:14 am
First of all, a big thank you to everyone who showed up for the maiden voyage of Numina. We had a great time running it, and we hope you had an equally good time playing. If you could not make it this time, we are definitly hoping that we will see you in April.

If you did attend this event, here is a little information that may be useful to you.

PELs: We want them! Writing a player event letter is perhaps the single most helpful thing you can do for us. Now that the rush and flurry of the weekend is over and you have had time to ruminate, we would love to hear about your experience at the event and, in particular, what we did right as well as things we could do to help you have more fun. The PEL consists of the following questions:Keep on Readin'Collapse )
27 January 2011 @ 09:58 pm

Finished product!

My first 8 medallions, didn't have time to cast more. Cleaned off the various overruns from the molds, hit the backs of them with a file to smooth them down a bit so they won't snag on clothing too much.

Now.. they just need to be delivered. I'm not going to attend the first event after all. I had the sniffles all week, and today its really hitting me. SO I'm going to have to skip the event. I will however drive up to Richmond.. if someone can pick them up from me there. I'll be off work at noon, and can drive up to Richmond VA and be there by 3pm at the earliest. Is anyone able to pick these up and drop them off at the event for me?
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26 January 2011 @ 08:58 am
Nothing like waiting till the last min...

But is anyone heading out there from my end of the state? I plan on leaving Hampton/NN around 3pm, heading up I-64 to Richmond and points west from there.

Anyone interested in carpooling?
25 January 2011 @ 11:42 pm
Hello, everyone.

The event is in two days, so it seems a good time for some last minute reminders and logistics information. Please read through and let us know if we haven’t covered all your questions.

Getting to the Site and Game Time
The Numina site is Holiday Lake 4-H Camp in Appomattox, VA. The site is a little hard to find, so leave extra traveling time if you can. On our end, we will do our best to mark the more obscure turns in some way.

The game is scheduled to begin at 10 PM on Friday, January 28th, and end sometime around noon on Sunday, January 30th. We understand that there may be some complications with folks finding the camp and settling in for the first time, but we’ll do our best to get game started on time. You can help us by getting there, and also by entering your character in the database beforehand.

The link is http://characters.numinalarp.com. You will likely get a security warning, but the website is safe. Your browser is picking up on our temporary certificate, and doesn’t like it. The certificate will become permanent soon; please bear with us in the meantime.

Check-in and Parking
Once you arrive at site,  please drop your stuff off, then move your car to the parking lot so that others can come in, and THEN come check in. We will have folks around that area to point you toward the building where your stuff goes.

Parking is in the first, lower lot. You will pass both parking lots on your way to the dropoff/tavern/turnaround site. After you’ve dropped your stuff off, you should drive back up  the hill a short way, turn left, and then park on the lower lot, which is down a small hill on the left. If you want help finding it, grab a staff member from the tavern and have them go with you.

Check-in will be on the upper floor of that large building in the turnaround circle. There will be copies of the rulebook, blank character sheets, and people to answer your questions. If you’ve entered your character in the database, there will be a “Will Call” line so that you can just pick up your sheet and go. Remember to bring money for meals (optional), membership, and the event if you have not already paid.

Once you’ve checked in, we’d love it if you go get into costume. We would love to do pre-game and GAME ON in quick succession, but we need your assistance to make that dream a reality.

All check-in, pregame, and other activities will be in that same large (heated) building in the turnaround circle. That building will also serve as the in-game tavern (lower floor) and Guild (upper floor).

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20 January 2011 @ 07:01 am
Morning, everyone!

Please remember that 11:59 PM tonight is the absolute latest that you can register for the camp-prepared meals for Numina. If you are hemming and hawing over it, we recommend the meals. It's great to not have to take time out of playing to cook or go out (especially since local options are extremely limited) and eating in the tavern with the NPCs can be fun and informational. Tell us which of the three meals you'll be eating by sending an e-mail to numinareg at gmail dot com. You can pay for them now, or at the door.

Also remember that tomorrow is the last day to send in your registration fee if you want the $10 discount. After that, we would still love it if your pre-regged, but we can't give you the discount for it. Again, send your pre-reg to numinareg at gmail dot com.If paying by PayPal, send the payment to numinagm at gmail dot com.