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28 October 2012 @ 04:05 pm
Info Skill Deadline and IG Holiday  
This is your reminder that info skills are due on Monday, November 12th. Please send all info skills to numinainfoskill@gmail.com with your character name and the name of the skill in the Subject line.

Also, the December event will take place on an IG holiday known as Brother Otis' Day. This holiday always falls in the winter, though not always on the same day. In the past, it was a day called The Reaping, when fluctuations in Arcane Magic would cause evil beings to surge in strength and attack anything in their path. Normal protection magics were insufficient, and many towns and cities were lost.

On one dark and dangerous Reaping many years ago, a pious but destitute man named Otis found himself in a difficult situation. He was so poor that he did not have enough money to make the tithe at his church. He looked around his shack for anything he could give and his eyes settled on his last possession, a wooden cup. He spent until the late hours carving away at the cup, until he had carved it into a handful of wooden coins.
Otis braved the perilous night and made it to the church early the next morning. As he dropped his homemade coins into the bowl, he was amazed to hear the clink of metal on metal. His wooden coins had turned to gold.
That night, the Genesori gave a further blessing in honor of Otis and all those who sacrificed and gave generously. Though the townsfolk huddled in fear, waiting for the terrible attacks, none came. In the morning when they emerged, each one found a bowl upon their stoop which had protected their home from the evil beings.
Ever since, on the day that is now called Brother Otis' Day, the pious will celebrate with generous offerings and gifts. After a night of fear, each supplicant will deliver their quarterly tithe directly into the hands of a local priest. In exchange, they will receive a bowl to place on their porch. The legend says that if the supplicant is a good and generous soul, by the time the next night falls, their bowl will be filled and their home will be protected from the night's attacks.
Brother Otis' day is a popular day for modern Rues inhabitants to offer gifts to friends and strangers alike. The most common offering is a wooden coin with some kind of mark or message upon it, but over the years others have chosen to offer food, small trinkets, and other gifts.

If you wish for your character to participate in the generosity aspect of Brother Otis' day, you may feel free to bring things to give to PCs and NPCs during the day on Saturday. Small wooden pieces can be easily bought or found for little cost, or wrapped candies, cookies, anything that you feel is representative of your character.

Normal cabin/home protections will be ineffective for the December event. There will be in-game ways to obtain effective cabin protection, at least for Saturday night.

Stay Safe,