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16 April 2012 @ 09:55 pm
PELs and Deadlines for April  
Hello, Numina folk!

I am sure everyone is awake and alert on this fine Monday. Our April Event is done, and our next event is coming up for the weekend of June 29- July 1. Until that time, here are some relevant dates:

PEL Deadline: Monday, April 30
Info Skill Deadline: Monday, June 4
Prereg Discount/Meals Deadline: Friday, June 15

The PEL form is below if you would like to copy/paste the questions. Your PELs are both the emotional and plot lifeblood of our game, as well as our best source of suggestions for improvement so please send one in! Your completed PEL should go to numinapel@gmail.com.

Player Name:
Email Address:
Character Name:
Team or Cabin:
Event Date:

Which plots were you involved with?

What goals or unfinished business does your character have?
What actions did you take towards those goals?
What was the highlight of your weekend?
Which NPCs were particularly memorable or enjoyable?
Do you expect follow up from plot or an NPC in the coming events?
Did you assist with Clean-Up? If so, what did you do?

Other Comments?