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23 July 2013 @ 04:14 pm
Good day to all of you wonderful Numina Participants! As some of you already know, our trailer was damaged on route to the last event. Repairs ended up being extensive (new tires, rims, and axles just to name a few) so we are going to be running two fundraisers to, hopefully, help offset the cost of said repairs. This is where you come in! Through Customink.com we will be releasing limited-edition Numina T-shirts. Now those of you who cannot/don’t wish to attend our fairly frequent Warrior Dash trips can have your very own Numina swag. They are priced at $20 and a portion of that cost will come back to us. Nifty huh? This is a limited time campaign so get yours while they last! Finally, thank you in advance for your continued donation, dedication, and support.

Numina GM

Hello All! We've officially hit our 60 PC cap. That means at this time we cannot accept any more PCs for the June/July event.

However, as this is the case we are opening up the option to NPC in order to help us out and still receive your CP.

If you wish to do so, please still send in a registration email to numinareg@gmail.com

Anyone who registers to NPC with us after this point who originally wanted to PC will be put on a waiting list. The people on the waiting list will be informed on a first come first serve basis whether someone drops out before the event.

But wait! There's more! Bring your PC gear to the event. If someone doesn't show AT the event we will be allowing those on the wait list to go play. Again, this is a first come first serve wait list option.

If you are ON the preregistration list you lucky 60, make sure to check in! If you do not check in by the end of logistics and do not inform me before the event that you will be arriving late your spot will be given to a wait lister. When you arrive you will be asked to NPC or leave. This is true even if you have paid. At that time your money will be refunded or rolled over to the next event.
Late comers must inform me in an email to either numinareg@gmail.com or darcysiofra@yahoo.com - I will not accept texts, calls, facebook messages, or livejournal comments for this purpose)

Be courteous, if you find out before the event you can't make it, let us know so we can allow others who didn't get the chance to preregister in time to play!

Thanks everyone! We're very excited to have so many interested players!

Numina Logistics
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