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23 July 2013 @ 04:14 pm
Good day to all of you wonderful Numina Participants! As some of you already know, our trailer was damaged on route to the last event. Repairs ended up being extensive (new tires, rims, and axles just to name a few) so we are going to be running two fundraisers to, hopefully, help offset the cost of said repairs. This is where you come in! Through Customink.com we will be releasing limited-edition Numina T-shirts. Now those of you who cannot/don’t wish to attend our fairly frequent Warrior Dash trips can have your very own Numina swag. They are priced at $20 and a portion of that cost will come back to us. Nifty huh? This is a limited time campaign so get yours while they last! Finally, thank you in advance for your continued donation, dedication, and support.

Numina GM

28 October 2012 @ 04:05 pm
This is your reminder that info skills are due on Monday, November 12th. Please send all info skills to numinainfoskill@gmail.com with your character name and the name of the skill in the Subject line.

Also, the December event will take place on an IG holiday known as Brother Otis' Day. This holiday always falls in the winter, though not always on the same day. In the past, it was a day called The Reaping, when fluctuations in Arcane Magic would cause evil beings to surge in strength and attack anything in their path. Normal protection magics were insufficient, and many towns and cities were lost.

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Stay Safe,
02 July 2012 @ 11:39 am
Good Morning, Sunburned Numina Folk!

Thank you so much for working with us through the freak storm, power outage, incredible heat, and state of emergency this weekend. We really appreciate everyone's help and understanding through those uh... unique challenges.

Here are upcoming dates you may want to be aware of:
Monday, July 16: PEL Deadline (Scroll to the bottom for the PEL questions if you want them.)
Friday, July 27: Pre-Reg Deadline for the August one-day
August 11: One-Day Event at Prince William Forest Park
Monday, Nomember 12: Info Skill Deadline for December
Friday, November 23: Pre-Reg Deadline the December Event

Info Skills and the One Day: There will be no info skills at the one day. If you want to send you info skill in before the one day happens, we MAY answer it at the one day if it helps us move plot or is time sensitive, or we just feel like it. However, we also may not.
If you do send  yours early, and we do answer it at the one day, that still uses your info skill for the event. You will not be able to submit another use after the one-day.
If you send yours in early, and we do not answer it at the one day, you will be allowed to revise it based on anything you may learn at the one-day so long as you still meet the Nov. 12 deadline.

There will be more information about the one day sent out soon.

Enjoy your Monday!

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20 June 2012 @ 04:11 pm

Hello Numina PCs! Looking for a way to earn 1 CP for playing video games? I thought that might pique your interest.

As you may, or may not know one of our staff works for EA. I am putting out the call for our Numina players to help him out. He is looking for legitimate and intelligent feedback for Wrath of Heroes. You will find added to the file section of our Numina Yahoo Group a form that you will need to fill out after you have taken a few weeks to play and critique Wrath of Heroes. To earn CP you must submit your feedback form to both clclark@bioware.com as well as wrathfeedback@gmail.com with the subject reading “Numina Wrath Feedback”. Please have the feedback form submitted by no later than 7/9/12.

The game can be downloaded at http://wrathofheroes.warhammeronline.com/signup

Download, Play, Provide Feedback, Earn CP!


Joshua Smith
Numina GM

Hello All! We've officially hit our 60 PC cap. That means at this time we cannot accept any more PCs for the June/July event.

However, as this is the case we are opening up the option to NPC in order to help us out and still receive your CP.

If you wish to do so, please still send in a registration email to numinareg@gmail.com

Anyone who registers to NPC with us after this point who originally wanted to PC will be put on a waiting list. The people on the waiting list will be informed on a first come first serve basis whether someone drops out before the event.

But wait! There's more! Bring your PC gear to the event. If someone doesn't show AT the event we will be allowing those on the wait list to go play. Again, this is a first come first serve wait list option.

If you are ON the preregistration list you lucky 60, make sure to check in! If you do not check in by the end of logistics and do not inform me before the event that you will be arriving late your spot will be given to a wait lister. When you arrive you will be asked to NPC or leave. This is true even if you have paid. At that time your money will be refunded or rolled over to the next event.
Late comers must inform me in an email to either numinareg@gmail.com or darcysiofra@yahoo.com - I will not accept texts, calls, facebook messages, or livejournal comments for this purpose)

Be courteous, if you find out before the event you can't make it, let us know so we can allow others who didn't get the chance to preregister in time to play!

Thanks everyone! We're very excited to have so many interested players!

Numina Logistics
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16 April 2012 @ 09:55 pm
Hello, Numina folk!

I am sure everyone is awake and alert on this fine Monday. Our April Event is done, and our next event is coming up for the weekend of June 29- July 1. Until that time, here are some relevant dates:

PEL Deadline: Monday, April 30
Info Skill Deadline: Monday, June 4
Prereg Discount/Meals Deadline: Friday, June 15

The PEL form is below if you would like to copy/paste the questions. Your PELs are both the emotional and plot lifeblood of our game, as well as our best source of suggestions for improvement so please send one in! Your completed PEL should go to numinapel@gmail.com.

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It's an exciting day, Numina friends!

As you may have noticed, there is a loooooong gap between our June event (June 29- July 1) and our December event (December 7-9). We don't like long gaps! To transform it from a five month gap into a four month gap, we are having a feast day at Prince William Forest Park!

A feast day is a one-day Numina event (prices adjusted accordingly) which will have a unique location in Rues and/or a theme, chock full of plot, modules, and RP. Details about exact start and end time will follow, but it will start on Saturday in the very late morning and end in the very late night. We will announce the theme and location as the event date gets closer.

For now, here are the bullet points:

Numina Feast Day! (One Day Event)
Place: Prince William Forest Park, Camp 5
Date: August 11, 2012
Time: Approx 11AM to O' Dark Thirty (Specifics will be announced later)

It should be a blast, so save the date!

01 November 2011 @ 04:29 pm
We are already looking forward to our second season in 2012! The event dates for 2012 are as follows:
January 13-15
April 13-15
June 29 - July 1
December 7-9
Pricing for the 2012 season will be slightly different. There is no upfront Membership Fee. Instead, this fee has been rolled into event cost. Instead of the $20 membership, $5 has been added to each event. The base event cost has been raised by $5 as well to help off-set our prop and costuming expenses. This results in an overall price increase of $20 per year if you attend all four events.
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21 September 2011 @ 04:28 pm
Hey Everyone!

Can you believe that October is almost upon us? That means our final event for this year. With that in mind, I just want to take a minute while we gear up for the inaugural year’s closing event to thank you all; the players, the NPCs, and the staff. October will be the culmination of years of work for some of us and without all of you this LARP dream wouldn’t have been possible. So thank you again for making this opening year a blast. I appreciate all of your enthusiasm, your constructive criticism, and your ability to roll with the punches of a new game and a new (to some of you) rules system. I, personally, look forward to entertaining you again next year and for many years to come. There are innumerable stories left to be told; both yours and ours.
Joshua Smith
Numina GM

01 September 2011 @ 07:16 pm
Hello, everyone!

We're already well into our planning for the October Numina event, and we have reached the point where it would be very helpful to know who is going to be there. If you haven't already, please shoot an e-mail to numinareg@gmail.com if you plan to come. Even if you have already done that, please check Mary's earlier list or the next pre-reg list when it comes out to make sure you are on there.Especially do this if you used the pre-reg form on the website (no longer available) to contact us. There were some issues with that method and we're not sure if we got everyone who tried to use it.

Your e-mail to numinareg@gmail.com should include:

Your Name
Your Character Name
If/How Many camp meals you want to purchase
Team or Cabin you want to be placed with/in

We can't wait to see you in October!